Black/Death CD Artwork

Created a facebook page for my death/black metal artworks.

Album Released

Hi all, I just released my blackened death metal band Kalseroth “Sepulcher For The Forgotten” album on Bandcamp.

Feel free to check it out on bandcamp:
On facebook:
I also have a lyrics video on youtube here:

Pizel Platformer

Created a hardcore platformer for a gamejam in 2014 and released in on NewGrounds, the game is entitled PIZEL.
You can check it out here


Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile and add me!

My Q3 maps in Quake Live

Lint has converted my Quake 3 maps to Quake Live, you can grab them from the Quake Live Steam workshop.


I have an ArtStation page, you can check out at the Art Station website.